As Emily Dickinson writes,
“To be a Flower, is profound responsibility”.
Because that flower, to exist, had to face the wind, the rain, the threats of insects. To survive the winter with heroic tenderness. This is the greatest lesson that Nature teaches us: Changing is a part of life and going through it means to blossom. The new textile collection by Society Limonta celebrates the Spring that returns. Rare flowers and spontaneous herbs meet the fabric, inspire it, instill hope in it. The house becomes a sincere garden, wild and familiar, to observe and to immerse yourself in. To be born again.


The morning light seeps in and turns colours on. The air changes lightly and brings the fragrance of rebirth. The green blooms on grass, trees and woods. Green is everywhere. The encounter of light and earth promises beauty, colours and, once again, life.




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Immersing yourself into the green and lying down to look at the sky, or pausing on the shores of a mountain lake and losing yourself in the colours reflected on water. River pebbles, rich and shiny leaves, nature to be explored with eyes, with hands, simple objects, alive, perfect. Society Limonta’s table brings back memories, the visual and tactile sensations we experience in the nature we love the most.


In nature’s cycles, repetition is renewal, opening and closing are the basic rhythm of balance. If we are in harmony with nature’s rhythm, the repetition of daily gestures becomes a ritual, a moment to get in touch with ourselves and our deepest needs.


Our looks


OLTRE Society Design Collection completes the lifestyle with new objects within the creative team or the result of collaboration with artists and designers similar to Society in taste and philosophy.

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