Atropo Vase

Color: bianco


ATROPO Limoges porcelain flower vase Ø 27 cm, h 16 cm - Design Dario Antoniali.

Designed by Dario Antoniali, the Limoges Porcelain vases Cloto, Lachesi and Atropo originate from the encounter with a typical object of the textile production chain: a bobbin of yarn. Inspired by a visit to the textile archives, this object was given a new interpretation, adapting it for everyday life. From textile to ceramic, this helped the beauty of the bobbin to emerge. The vases Cloto, Lachesi and Atropo are named after the three Greek goddesses who hold the human thread of life and recreate a journey into materials and philosophy following the invisible trail left by the thread that connects everything.


  • limoges porcelain 100%